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Concert Choir is the largest choral ensemble at J.P. Stevens; every student in the choir program is a member of Concert Choir. The choir meets during every school day, split between two class periods. There is also an additional rehearsal every Thursday after school.


The Concert Choir performs at both the Holiday and Spring Concerts, as well as other fundraising events throughout the year. In addition, Concert Choir attends the annual Choir trip in the Spring. The Concert Choir performs a wide range of SATB Repertoire from all time periods and styles.

Concert Choir

A Capella Choir is the entry-level audition choir at J.P. Stevens. Students in Concert Choir interested in auditioning for A Capella must be able to hold their voice part in a quartet. A Capella meets as a class every school day, as well as the full ensemble rehearsal every Monday evening. The J.P. Stevens A Capella Choir has been very successful throughout the years at chorus festivals including the Roxbury Invitational, the Middlesex County Choral Festival, as well as the annual Spring CPA trips. In the 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013 school years, the choir has been chosen as one of the showcase choirs at the Roxbury Choir Invitational, winning first place in 2011, 2012, and 2018. The A Capella Choir performs at both the Holiday and Spring Concerts. Repertoire performed in this choir is diverse and challenging SATB music.

A Capella

Treble Choir consists of all Sopranos and Altos in A Capella, as well as some select women from Concert Choir. This ensemble meets Wednesdays after school hours. Repertoire consists of challenging treble choir music.

Tenor/Bass Choir consists of all men in A Capella, as well as some select men from Concert Choir. This ensemble meets Wednesdays after school hours. Repertoire consists of complex TTBB music. 



Chamber is the most select choir at JPS. New members are admitted to Chamber only at the end of each academic year through a rigorous audition process. Students are evaluated on part singing, tonal quality, blend, musicianship, and sight-reading ability. Chamber meets every school day, as well as Monday evenings. In addition to competitions, Chamber is heavily involved in many fundraising and community service events throughout the year.  The Chamber Choir received highest ratings for both their performance and sight-singing at the NJ-ACDA Festival in 2013 and perfect scores in 2016. In February 2017, JPS Chamber won first place overall at the Sing & Joy competition, as well as winning a special prize for performing the best rendition of Morten Lauridsen's piece, Soneto de la Noche. 


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