Relive The Moments

Success in Chicago!!!

The John P Stevens High School Choirs did spectacularly at the World Strides Heritage Festivals Competition 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. All 5 choirs received a gold rating for their performances. JPS Concert Choir and the A Capella Ensemble won first place in their respective categories! Our Treble Choir, Chamber Ensemble, and A Capella Ensemble all received Adjudicator's Awards for scoring an average of 95 or higher! 


Chamber Ensemble also won the Outstanding Choral Ensemble award for scoring the highest in the entire festival with an average score of 97.6. The JPS Choir program also was awarded the overall Choral Sweepstakes Award. 


Last but not least, our very own Brendan Tang was recognized with a Maestro's Award for his performance on piano! 


The JPS Chamber Choir kicked off the holiday season by caroling at the Thomas Edison Tower tree lighting ceremony!

They brightened spirits everywhere as they visited various Veteran's Homes and Senior Citizen's Homes. They also sang at Lake View School for disabled children and JFK Hospital's Brain Trauma Unit.

Last but not least they carolled around JPS to spread the holiday cheer!

Holiday Season!!!​

Choir Eats!!!


JPS Choir members got to know each other and relax at Choir Eats. They played various games and laughed off the week's stress. Playing games together brought them closer to prepare for the upcoming competition season.

Here we have the choir members as they enjoy each other's company!